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What to expect from a consultation call

The consultation call is a great time to:

ask questions about my services

discuss fees

decide if I am the right therapist to address your needs.

The phone consultation will last 15 minutes and is a complimentary service



What to expect when you attend an individual therapy session

Individual Therapy is one-on-one.


Sessions are held at my office located at 4302 Wrightsville Ave (back entrance)

Free parking is available on site.


The session will last for 60 minutes.



What to expect when you attend a teletherapy session

Teletherapy services are available to North Carolina and Florida residents only


Teletherapy sessions last for 60 minutes.

Clients receiving teletherapy are able to access services from the comfort of their home, office, parked car, or other quiet and private locations of their choice.

The Therapist will utilize the same methods that are implemented for in-person sessions.

A strong internet connection is required to ensure communication is clear and the therapeutic process is achieved.



What to expect when you attend group therapy

Group Therapy is currently meeting virtually only.

Group Therapy sessions last for 60 minutes

The therapist will work with members to ensure a productive and therapeutic setting is achieved, and will guide the group utilizing evidence-based therapy approaches.

Groups will be held for 3-6 members


What to expect when you have a Postpartum Home Visit

A postpartum home visit provides a mother with mental health services without needing to find childcare or leave her home.​

Home visit session are between 45 to 60 minutes.

The therapist will provide support, resources, and therapy using a gentle and flexible approach.​

Mothers are welcome to tend to their newborns during sessions.

Home visits are reserved for mothers that are 1 to 4 months postpartum.

A quiet and private space in the home is recommended

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