Therapy services by
Michelle L. Walker, LCSWA

Salt + Cypress Counseling serves adult clients in the Wilmington North Carolina area and provides teletherapy services to clients anywhere in the State of North Carolina and Florida.



What's in a Name?

The name "Salt + Cypress" is a homage to the natural beauty of the Wilmington area. ​On the Eastern side of our city we have the salty coast and on the Western side we have the swampy riverbanks of the Cape Fear River.


Salt brings healing to exposed wounds. In therapy it can sometimes feel uncomfortable or painful to allow wounds to be exposed, but when the pain begins to subside the healing begins.

Salt represents the healing process.


The cypress trees of the the coastal Carolina swamp lands thrive in some of the harshest conditions. Despite their environment, these trees thrive and continue to grow.

Cypress represents resiliency and growth.





I am here to help you navigate healing, find resiliency, and to empower you to keep growing.


Come to my office and lets talk! Individual therapy sessions are held in my cozy downtown office. This thoughtful space is set up for you to feel safe as we navigate the therapeutic process together.


Teletherapy is a safe and effective way to engage in individual therapy from the comfort of your home or any other quiet place of your choice. Teletherapy services are available to anyone living in the state of North Carolina. 


Group therapy focuses on processing and healing from similar lived experiences. Group Therapy is offered in a closed and secure atmosphere with no more than 6 members.