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Hello, I am Jordan

I believe in the profound impact of nature on our well-being was forged during my time as a wilderness guide, where I witnessed unparalleled transformations in the lives of my clients and their families. This experience has deeply influenced my approach to counseling. In my non-judgmental approach, I am here to walk beside you on your journey, providing a safe and accepting space to work together to integrate coping skills and autonomy into your life. 

I work with adults, couples, and families

Areas of Interest:

Current or Former Athletes

Neurodivergent Folks

Executive Functioning Skills

Life Transitions/Career Changes

Relationship Issues

LGBTQ+ Affirming Care

Religious Trauma

Family Therapy

Anxiety Disorders

Depression and Low Motivation

Education and qualifications


Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate

North Carolina Board of LCMHC

Masters of Counseling

Prescott College

Educational Specialist Degree in Adventure-Based Counseling

Prescott College


Bachelors of Psychology 

Belmont Abbey College

My approach

My counseling philosophy is rooted in the idea that nature has an innate capacity to heal us. I am committed to harnessing this power to support individuals, couples, and families on their journeys to wellness. I am particularly mindful of the intergenerational impacts and attachments that influence our emotional landscapes. In our counseling sessions, I place a high value on genuineness, humor, and experiential work. I believe that a holistic approach that integrates the mind, body, and spirit is essential for lasting change and personal growth.

Virtual, in-office, and outdoor sessions available

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